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In order to secure a Free Listingbook Account, please contact a REALTOR® in the Triad MLS.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a home in the Greater Greensboro, Winston-Salem area. Please contact a Real Estate Agent from the Triad Multiple Listing Service in order to receive your FREE personal Listingbook account!

Buying a home is one of your most important financial decisions! You want to make the right choice - an informed decision. Why not use the best service available - the service that gives you the ability to find the perfect home at the right price? Listingbook is the most efficient, effective, and satisfying home buying experience available.

An Informed Decision

With Listingbook you have it all! 24/7 access to in depth property details and all photos, area sales report, loan data, price history, tax data, location maps, school info, and virtual tours. You have the freedom to search for homes like a real estate agent; yet your agent's expertise and knowledge is a click away. Your agent customizes your search and creates your personal Web site. Want to change criteria? It's easy and only takes a few moments!

Up close and personal

Finally, you know what's happening. Store your favorite homes in a special list you share with your agent. If there is any relevant change, you are immediately notified. No more sifting through 100's of listings - you are now up to date.

If your curiosity is ever piqued, Listingbook's Quick Search is the answer. Find how many homes have "workshops" or "open floor plans." Investigate a favorite sub-division or street. This is your personal site - it works for you!

Keep in touch

Only two clicks of a mouse and a message to your agent is on its way. No fumbling for an email address, no frustrating phone tag, no virus concerns; communication is easy and convenient. Home details are automatically included in the message - just click and view! What could be easier?

You and your agent are a team. Listingbook allows you to quickly get your teammate's answers and stay informed.

Get what you want, when you want it

Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, Listingbook delivers your information. Whether you are at your home, your office, or on vacation, you can access your Morning Report, property information, and messages.

Finding your perfect home has never been easier!

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