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Interested in Listingbook?
Here's a few of Listingbook's benefits:
General Overview :
Listingbook™ LLC, based in Greensboro, N.C., founded by industry veterans Bob and Joan Milman, is an online service that connects real estate agents and their clients through an integrated platform of client management, sales productivity and direct marketing tools. With over 45 employees, Listingbook is now expanding to service Realtors® and their client’s nationwide. Listingbook has qualified users who gain access only through their licensed real estate agent. Listingbook is the first-ever web-based community of qualified buyers and sellers, brokers and agents and home service professionals.
Product Feature / Service Overview:
Listingbook is a Client Servicing application that is a natural extension of today’s MLS systems. Listingbook works with any MLS system and is customized on a site-by-site basis to match the local MLS data definitions and business rules. Beginning in 2001, Listingbook has been in daily use by over 3,000 agents and over 35,000 Buyers and Sellers in the Triad NC area, viewing over 10 million pages a month. Listingbook allows MLS active Agents to register their Buyers and Sellers and give them access to a rich content, collaborative and personalized web-based application that searches listings, provides CMAs, manages Open Houses and Showing Appointments, organizes tasks, and provides daily communications and informational updates between the Agent and their clients. Agents and their Clients love Listingbook. The company receives unsolicited customer testimonials on a regular basis! By empowering the consumer, while constantly keeping the Agent in the middle of any communication, Listingbook builds a local web community of interested parties to the transaction and helps sell real estate.
  • Listingbook is a CLIENT-CENTRIC system versus a Listing-Centric MLS system. By focusing on client communications, Listingbook keeps clients informed on a daily basis about local market activity. This is a boon for sellers, who often want to know how the market is doing around their listing, how many buyers are viewing their property online, and what people are saying after a showing.
  • Listingbook is MLS system agnostic. As a natural extension to any MLS system, Listingbook is a natural add-on that Agents love. The Listingbook service includes all implementation, customization, training for ALL agents, and documentation. There is no “per-member” cost and Listingbook does not charge any site license fees.
  • Listingbook is market proven. With over six (6) years of use, 223,000 client accounts created, frequent product updates, and low-cost LINUX implementations, Listingbook now successfully services over 5,500 agents and 45,000 buyers and sellers every day who are viewing over 11.5 million pages monthly.
  • Listingbook has a seasoned team of dedicated professionals and very deep and committed funding resources. The freedom to search homes for sale like an agent - yet know you can rely on your agent’s expertise
Listingbook Benefits:
  • Access to information that is updated hourly, including area sales and price changes
  • Detailed property information anytime, anywhere even at midnight in the comfort of your own home
  • Property details including addresses, pictures and directions, allowing you to check out neighborhoods at your leisure
  • Notification of new homes meeting your criteria, when they come on the market or have a price change
  • Maintains a personal file of favorite properties that interest you and automaticaly updates their price and status
  • Instant messaging means you are just a click away from your agent’s expertise you’re never out of touch!
  • Ability to search the service provider guide - providers nominated and recommended by other agents.
  • Tour properties online with your agent
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